Busy working on X-mas Station ID's *** Fresh commercial for bakeryshop in Spain, on air at Costa Blanca Radio * * * Flex Media Factory proudly presents the opening of the South African department in Capetown * * * Craig Fegen is Flex Media Factory s representative in South Africa * * * Editing for YPCA the Radio Factory * * * Audioproduction for infomercials Oral B * * *


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Welcome to the Flex Media Factory website. Flex Media Factory offers a wide range of services linked to audiovisual productions. We produce radio commercials, voice response announcements, jingles, audio and video for multipal websites and shops (in stores) and next to that we deliver regional radio news since 2009. Also for television commercials or corporate films, we do not turn our hand. The team at Flex Media Factory works with bursting creative ideas and works directly from our world wide studio’s.
The growing number of clients /companies, mainly located in the Netherlands, Germany, England, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands Antilles, Luxembourg, France, Italy and South-Africa, that use our services and the knowledge we have accumulated and provided them with is fenominal. We do this partly as a provider of voice response message texts, audio for telephone systems, in any language, from A (lbanese) to Z (ulu).

Radio Spots
Would you like to advertise on the radio, but have you got difficulties deciding what station(s) to choose? Flex Media Factory can assist you in any way that matters to you. Our team has good contact with national, regional and local broadcasters as well as a range of foreign radio stations.
Your commercial is in good hands within our team. Each radio spot receives the attention it deserves, the same applies for our customers. You may supply a text for a radio commercial. However, our copywriters work daily to create challenging and stimulating commercials.

TV commercials
Would you like to advertise on TV? No worries. In addition to radio commercials we produce a number of appealing and effective TV spots, and that applies to any TV commercial, just like a radio spot. Let us know what and how you want to communicate within your TV spot and allow us to do the rest.
Advice for your advertising campaign
Would you like to advertise on radio or TV but you still cannot make a choice? Flex Media Factory has good contacts with national, regional and local broadcasters as well as a variety of foreign channels. In this way, we can advise you if required with your media planning.

Company movie or TV show?
Are you looking for a reliable media partner for your corporate video, viral or sponsorship of a television? Stop looking!

Jingles and station Ids
You are responsible for the design of a radio station and you are looking for station imaging? Flex Media Factory provides spoken and sung jingles. We have matching station IDs for every budget.

Radio-items and voice tracks
Are you looking for a partner who can deliver items or presenters for your radio station? Flex Media Factory also provides radio items. Both ready-made and based on text, which your own employees can use on-air. Would you like more presented hours on your radio station, or search for a replacement in the absence of your regular DJs? With voice tracks we will help you quickly and inexpensively. Would you rather like to receive a full ‘ready to air’ radioshow including music and station imaging, instead of voicetracks? This iis also possible.

Local radio news or regional news on your radio station?
Since 2009 Flex Media Factory has a department that is fully involved in the drafting and delivery of local radio news bulletins. The same goes for regional radio news. Since 2015 we also supply local TV news and regional television news. In your own design, with your logo and broadcast ready delivered.

You name it, we do it!
For all forms of audiovisual communication, we can assist you directly or through our huge servicenetwork. We deliver Fast, in high quality and with a guarenteed price. Want to know more? Call or email us! Tel: +31 (0) 880-304204 or mail

Of course, you can also use the contactform.

For South Africa

Craig Fegen
Head of the South African Office
Tel: +27 (0)64 976 2640 (mobile)
Tel: +31 (0)88-0304204 (main office NL)