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Radio spots: creative and effective

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Creative radio ads that stand out in the commercial break

Our radio commercials make people prick up their ears, between the mass of average spots. Radio advertising is becoming increasingly popular. Rightly so. Because secretly, local, regional and national radio stations reach almost the entire workplace …

Radio advertising is proportionally very beneficial in increasing brand awareness, promoting a special offer or action, reaching a new audience and generating more sales.

Spoken radio spots

Spoken radio commercials are among the principal activities of Flex Media Factory. We are proud that we are one of the main players on the market. Spoken radio spots are more frequently used than sung radio commercials because they are financially more attractive and quicker applicable.

Hear it yourself!

Sung radiocommercials

Marketing starts with the right profile. The image of your business is largely determined by the perception of your potential customer. Our sung commercials can help. Sung radio spots require a little more budget, but give radio spots usually a luxurious look. Moreover, the sung text can be used for a longer period of time with changing spoken texts. Multi-purpose therefore. Listen to the catchy examples …

Appropriate advice

Thanks to our years of experience we know exactly what the do’s and don’ts are when it comes to the production of radio spots. you want -whether or not potential- customers to take action immediately? Then the so-called “call-to-action” method is extremely effective.

Would you rather like to focus on the construction or development of your brand? This requires an entirely different approach. We kindly advice you regarding the differences and the many opportunities.

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