Busy working on X-mas Station ID's *** Fresh commercial for bakeryshop in Spain, on air at Costa Blanca Radio * * * Flex Media Factory proudly presents the opening of the South African department in Capetown * * * Craig Fegen is Flex Media Factory s representative in South Africa * * * Editing for YPCA the Radio Factory * * * Audioproduction for infomercials Oral B * * *


Jingles Station ID's on the air station imaging

Your jingles on air? We arrange Station Imaging for every budget and target audience.

DJs and radio stations rely on Flex Media Factory to put themselves or their station into the market in an optimal way. Jingles and station calls are your audiovisual Business card. Because of our experience in producing jingle packages we can provide an optimal service. Jingles ensure the visibility of your radioshow or station. Jingles co-define the unique sound of you and your radioshow or radiostation.

Jingle packages come in many variations. Do you prefer a jingle package packed with singing? Or do you prefer the power of a voice package? The choice is yours. We advise you in choosing the jingle package that best fits the ‘look and feel’ of your radioshow or station. Jingles can be ordered in one package, but it is also possible to order just one jingle, such as a name jingle.

Listen to a brief selection of jingles we produced:


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