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Radio items: we provide them in all shapes and sizes

Virtually every radio station uses radio-items in their programming. Radio items provide variety and also often increase the attention value. Radio items can be scattering, informative and educational. Radio items aim to bring variation in what happens on the transmitter.

Which radio items do we provise?

Ultimately, that is up to the customer. If you have an idea for a radio item, but  you are not able to produce it in-house, we are happy to assist you.

Currently we produce the following radio items, on a daily or weekly basis, for various customers:

– Weather

– Showbiz News

– Event News

– Sports News

– Hitnews

– Garden Tips

– Interior News

– Movie updates

– New music releases

– Birthdays of the stars

In addition to these items, there are plenty of options. Ultimately the choice is up to you.

Have you got other ideas for radio items that are not listed, and would you like to know if we can turn your idea into a creative radio item? Please contact us so we can discuss your idea. By now, dozens of radio stations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and South Africa make use of our items. That can be either ‘on air ready’ or ‘text-only’. With ‘on air ready’ we produce the full item that you can use on air. With ‘text-only’we take care of the editing, and deliver the texts for the DJ to use on air.