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,, Retail Radio is not an in-store music service. Retail Radio is an in-store marketing department. “

Whether you need a funny, relaxed, inspiring or any other atmosphere for your company, Flex Media Factory’s Retail Radio creates the perfect in-store musicfeed that your customers will appreciate.
The right music mix keeps customers in your store longer, and encourages them to spend more. Entertainment your customers with your own custom radio station. You no longer have to be annoyed by the radio commercials from your competitor. Instead, Retail Radio gives you the ability to mix your own advertising and messages with the music.
We do not believe in general “background” music. With Retail Radio, we create ‘full frontal’ marketing, but not in an irritating way. The perfect in-store radio station for your customers … and for you. Your visitors will notice the music as soon as they set foot in your store. And if they like the atmosphere and have fun, they will stay longer and spend more. That is our goal for your business. It is proved that music affects how people feel, respond and even do shopping. Science has shown how music can influence shoppers.

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Retail Radio is your own radio station with your customers in mind. We create in-store radio stations with rock, classic rock, country, jazz, classical, dance, easy listening, pop ballads, 60’s, 70’s, 80s, 90’s, 00’s, house, soul, hits, funk and more. We can provide you with any mood you want to bring across – fun, relaxing, energizing or any choice whatsoever. Retail Radio brings you the sound your customers will appreciate.

Retail Radio is no in-store music service. Retail Radio is an in-store marketing department. With simplicity in the first place. You do not have to do anything. The crewmembers that are involved in Retail Radio all have a background in marketing, media and music formatting, and therefore know exactly how to create the perfect sound for your company.

Retail Radio contributes positively to the name of your company, the brand and your message. If you want to use Retail Radio in multiple locations, it is even possible to create a unique station by location.

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