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Local / regional content

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Local radio news, regional radio news, or any radio-item, specified for your area, Flex Media Factory delivers well and quickly.


Local or regional news is now within reach

Local and regional broadcasters who do not have their own news editors often rely on the news that national news services provide. There is nothing wrong with that … but what do you do when you want to bring the news from your own environment? Flex Media Factory has the solution! Since 2009 we offer local and regional radio news and, if desired, place the news onto your website and / or cable tv network. But you can also contact us for any other radio item that aims to bring local or regional content!

Our news service offers tailor-made news and has developed a very advanced system that allows each individual customer to receive a fully customized (spoken) news bulletin automatically, regardless of the broadcast system you use.

Our customers have countless choices from the latest news reports of a regional nature, as well as entertainment / human interest news, sports news and other relevant messages that our news service has at its disposal. Flex Media Factory has developed various news products for this purpose. For information or questions please contact us.

Why choose local news and regional content?

Various studies around the world show that the average listener mainly listens to a local or regional station for that what makes such a broadcaster so unique: local / regional news content. If you should promote your local or regional station, you can do so on the basis of a unique selling point that no national radiostation has: regional news and information! Moreover, by choosing news from your broadcasting area, you significantly increase your percentage of regionality, which has a positive influence on the listening figures, and can also become more interesting for potential advertisers.

We are able to provide daily up-to-date regional news, if required for each broadcast edition. We will send you an offer on request, of course without obligation.

Mail us via or phone +31 (0)880-304 204 (The Netherlands).

For South Africa, please contact Craig Fegen via of phone Craig via  +27 (0)64 976 2640.

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