Busy working on X-mas Station ID's *** Fresh commercial for bakeryshop in Spain, on air at Costa Blanca Radio * * * Flex Media Factory proudly presents the opening of the South African department in Capetown * * * Craig Fegen is Flex Media Factory s representative in South Africa * * * Editing for YPCA the Radio Factory * * * Audioproduction for infomercials Oral B * * *

TV production



TV spots, commercials and more …

Company movies, TV spots, infomercials, TV programs … Together with our media partners, we strive to optimize our customers benefit from the technological revolution. But technology alone is not enough. We are looking for an original and striking angle for your production.

TV commercials

Along with our media partners, we seamlessly story-board your media campaign into a TV campaign. TV is still one of the most influential forms of communication. However airtime is expensive. Therefore it is very important that your television commercial stands out. Flex Media Factory does exactly that.

Company Movies

Let us translate your message into a sound company movie. Showcase your company, product(s) or service(s) to your customers, your partners and to the world.

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