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Voice Tracks are the perfect way to replace non-stop hours on your radiostation.Voice tracks can be used in case of illness or holiday of your presenters, and you quickly need a temporary alternative. It is also a perfect solution if you want more hosted hours on your station, but don’t have the budget or staff to fill all those hours with live presentation. Whatever the reason is, voice tracks are the solution.

Voice Tracks, what are they?

A voice track is a prerecorded piece of text, spoken by a DJ or radio host. Voice Tracks are  used by radio stations to create the illusion that the DJ or presenter is live present during his radio program, whereas that is not the case.

The use of voice tracks is called voice tracking. When voice tracks are used in the right way, together with the music, jingles, commercials and news bulletins, the listener is convinced that he or she is listening to a live broadcast. After a voice track is recorded, it will be placed inbetween the different parts of the program. This process uses specially developed software for radio stations. There is no intervention by an employee of the station required.

Source: Wikipedia

What if our computer system is not that advanced. Can we still use voice tracks?

We are also able to deliver voice tracks based on the radio stations playlist. In that case, the radio station only needs to program the short voice tracks inbetween the music.

The benefits of voice tracks:

– Inexpensive

– Quickly deployable

– Flexible, for temporary replacement as well as for a longer duration

Listen to some samples of voice tracks:


Fair enough, live radio is ideal but labor intensive and cost-inefficient.

Voicetracks solve these problems for you!

Voice Tracks are cost efficient. Used in the right way, voice tracks give your audience the idea as if the DJ is live on your radio and in your studio. The voice tracks are recorded in a professional production studio and can be delivered in any format.

Nice story … but how do you benefit from this?

Voicetracks improve the quality and appearance of your station, and thus your brand. This creates more listeners, and that translates into more advertisers. In that way our voice tracks recoup themselves! Moreover, the continiuty with voice tracks is guaranteed.


Thanks to our extensive and experienced team of all-round voice actors and DJs we offer  the right ‘tone of voice’ for each format. Our proffessionals are fully adaptable to your format, so that the voicetracks match the parameters of your format. Wheter it’s a rock format, hitradio, an oldies format or any other radio format, our pro’s are accustomed to adapt to your format.

So bring your radio station to “life” with voice tracks. If desired, we can deliver voicetracks quickly and  in any given format at a competitive price.